How to block facebook in firewall

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How to block facebook in firewall

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how to block facebook in firewall

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How to block website IP address in windows firewall

We help IT Professionals succeed at work. How to block Facebook with pfSense firewall? Low Priority. Last Modified: Hello, I'm a newbie in pfSense But, after creating the rule that would block access to that website, it is still available from user IP address which has access rule under the block rule. I don't know how i would debug this and make it work correctlry. Thank you.

Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only. Commented: Query command below to get current list of Facebook subnets: whois -h whois. Create an alias containing list of netblocks and then use it in Firewall rules to control direct access to Facebook.

How To Allow Or Block Apps In Windows Firewall in Windows 10

Klahn Principal Software Engineer. Just as an aside, blocking Facebook's IP addresses still may not solve the problem. There are any number of open proxies, constantly changing, that allow a web browser to access a blocked IP address.

Possibly an easier approach would be to modify the hosts files in those systems to prevent access to facebook domains. It will have the same effect exactly the same; it still won't prevent proxying and is easier to handle than dealing with CIDR blocks in a firewall.

One more criteria to confirm is the rule order in pfSense. In short, pfSenre 's rules are always processed from the top of a list down, first match wins.

Make sure you have move block FB related rule on top where you like to block for all users of all other rules. Distinguished Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic. Pi-hole can run on x86 it isn't restricted to the Raspberry Pi. The most important one should be graph.

Which makes hostfiles as such a bit cumbersome. Author Commented: Hello, Thank you for your help. I found a solution to block unwanted urls, and it seems to work till now.

Hello, and sorry for not feeding back this thread. It's working perfectly now. And things are ok.You can block Facebook from your children or any other website you do not want them to have access to by using some of the following techniques. It is important to realize children and teens are resourceful and often find methods to circumvent parental controls in web browsers and software.

Using these methods, in addition to securing email accounts and passwords from your children will help you maintain blocks on Facebook or sites you deem inappropriate for your kids. Note: If your child has access to the Hosts file and knows how to change it, this method of blocking Facebook will fail. Restrict access to the file by setting up a standard user account for the children. You can navigate there by starting at the C drive under My Computer. Click on the hosts file and it will launch with your default text editor, usually notepad.

Type the following under You can also block Facebook from your children at the router level. Depending on the make of your router, you will have options to block websites under the Parental Controls section or other similar security configuration methods. Below are examples of a few popular router manufacturers.

Provide your username and password. Next, navigate to the Parental Controls tab. In the diagram above, you will see all of the devices listed.

We can select all of these to block Facebook, or we can select individual computers and devices from accessing Facebook. Highlight and click the Add button to move them into the blocked column. You can then modify a specific time in which you want Facebook blocked, or you can leave the default times set to keep it blocked 24 hours a day. In the final step, you will name this rule whatever you choose and then save the settings.

If you try and access Facebook from any computer, it should now be blocked. If you have a D-link router, log in to the router by typing Navigate to the Advanced tab, then select Filters from the column on the left, and then do the following:. Obviously, the method to logging into your router and some of the settings will differ based on your model.

But the gist of blocking URLs at the router level is the same. For instance, the real destination to Facebook might be IP address Unfortunately, you cannot access that DNS to control how computers and devices on your network access the Internet. To begin, setup an account at opendns. Again, the method for doing this will differ based on your make and model of router. Next, click the Settings tab. Add your current network by clicking the Add This Network button. Click that IP address to make changes to the configuration.

You can set block based on category or URLs. Type in facebook. After you have gone through the exhaustive process of blocking Facebook from your children at the computer and router level, you now have to address portable devices. You will have to block Facebook apps on the iPhone, iPad, iTouch or any other phone or device that has access to an app store, as they will still generally have access to the Facebook despite the restrictions you have placed on your network.

Take control of your App store by changing the password. Remove apps that give access to Facebook and other social media platforms you want to block.

how to block facebook in firewall

Only once all of this is done can you block Facebook from your children. If you have other questions about blocking Facebook, or if you have suggestions of your own, please let us know. About The Author.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Possible Duplicate: iptables to block https websites. I am using Zentyal Os as a firewall, it working fine like blocking http sites and but I am not able to block https facebook site. My only aim is need to block https facebook site, like need to block port. Note: I wrote this hours ago, but I am in Sandy's path so I walked away and forgot to press the submit button.

So there are two ways to accomplish this, and both do something different. It is going to be impossible to truly block Facebook as anyone could use a proxy site and get around your restrictions. They could also SSH tunnel out to a server that isn't restricted. None-the-less here we go Downside is this doesn't stop Facebook from adding a new IP address for facebook. You could write a script to constantly run and get the latest:. This solution isn't perfect either. DNS is just the base of the naming system, hitting the IP address directly would win.

If you own the Internal name server for your network, you could setup an entry for facebook. I'd use this in conjunction with the iptables one above. We could even go one step further. If you own all the machines in the network that you are trying to block facebook for, you could generate a Root CA certificate, install the public key on all the machines. Man-in-the-middle all SSL traffic resign all websites with your certs and actively kill facebook connections.

However, this is a dangerous idea and has privacy implications especially in a corporate environment. As I believe zentyal comes with integrated support for the snort IDS, you could add a snort rule that detects and blocks the SSL packet which contains the server certificate based on a common name that contains facebook. That could also address accesses through a proxy as long as the connection to the proxy itself is not encrypted.

Another approach could be to force all DNS traffic through your DNS server block domain traffic except to your DNS server and return something bogus for queries of any facebook. EDIT: if your version of iptables for some reason doesnt like urls in place of address you can do something like this since facebook can resolve to multiple ips:.

how to block facebook in firewall

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How to block https facebook site using iptables [duplicate] Ask Question. Asked 7 years, 5 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 38k times. Possible Duplicate: iptables to block https websites I am using Zentyal Os as a firewall, it working fine like blocking http sites and but I am not able to block https facebook site.The application signature databases that were previously included with SonicWall intrusion prevention service IPS are now part of the Application Control feature.

Block or Unblock Programs in Windows Defender Firewall

These signature databases are used to protect users from application vulnerabilities as well as worms, Trojans, peer-to-peer transfers, spyware and backdoor exploits. The configuration method on the App Control Advanced page allows granular control of specific categories, applications, or signatures. This includes granular logging control, granular inclusion and exclusion of users, groups, or IP address ranges, and schedule configuration.

The settings here are global policies and independent from any custom App Rules policy. This article describes the method to block social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn and SnapChat individually. Log Messages When hosts behind the SonicWall try to access www. The below resolution is for customers using SonicOS 6. For firewalls that are generation 6 and newer we suggest to upgrade to the latest general release of SonicOS 6.You can allow only a list of sites you create, or block only a list of sites you create.

A simple wildcard add-on to a domain will effectively block all access to it should your main characters show up anywhere in the url. It is easy to create and apply different lists for different client PCs, and it can easily be turned on and off on individual machines as the need arises. The really nice part is that this will work on mobile laptops as well, to keep them used for primarily business and protect them from unsafe sites and viruses when roaming on other networks that they might drag back into the main office and spread around.

The configuration settings can be password protected to keep users from bypassing or or disabling the filtering lists.

How to Block Facebook Apps using Application Control

I've attached a screenshot of the GUI. If you come up for renewal on your AV in the future, the filtering feature of ESET is by itself worth the cost of the software.

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May or may not suit, however, we block facebook in our firewall by adding it to the list of forbidden domains. For users who need to access it we use a DHCP reservation on Windows Server, then in the firewall we add these specific IPs as being exempt from the filtering. This does mean they can access anything, but typically it's IT only that falls into this category. An alternative to blocking would be logging, if you're logging access you can probably produce a report to see who's accessing it, sending out a few emails to tell them to stop and stuff can sometimes be useful.

Block Facebook on your firewall, if you need to block a single user, maybe consider a proxy server or OpenDNS. A content filter would work well. SonicWall, Untangle and Barracuda all make content filters even some with per user level filtering. Welcome to the community! What firewall do you have? Is it only Facebook that you want to block or the user is just going to go to their mobile to do the same?

Management needs to review this.

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Rober's point is a good one - just fine one or two and the message will quickly get out that Facebook really really is not safe for work. You could add a Facebook. Web filter policy might be a good way to do that. But again for one user you may need to just monitor and update their boss.

I did that to my son. He is only 5 but addicted to youtube. So I just add youtube. It took few tries for him to understand youtube doesn't work on that PC. Now he don't try for that. Easiest way is trough hosts file definitely. A bit more wider but similar solution would be opendns or even your internal dns server by pointing facebook. Nonetheless I think only serious solution is content filtering on your firewall, that is quite hard to circumvent.

Another 'can you block this. The answer is its a management decision for enforcement, but a technical ability nonetheless.If a website rarely changes IP addresses, access to it can be blocked using firewall rules. Most small to mid sized websites can be effectively blocked using this method as they rarely change IP addresses. A hostname may be entered in a network alias, and then that alias may be applied to a block rule. This is especially useful with sites such as Facebook that spread large amounts of IP space, but are constrained within a few net blocks.

To find the most current list of Facebook subnets, query a server to find subnets for their AS and make an alias from there:. Once the list of netblocks is in hand, create an alias containing that data and then use it in Firewall rules to control direct access to Facebook.

See below. The SquidGuard package can be configured to block sites. With any of the above methods, there are still many ways to get around the defined blocks. The easiest and likely most prevalent is using any number of proxy websites. Finding and blocking all of these individually and keeping the list up to date is impossible.

The best way to ensure these sites are not accessible is using content filtering capable of blocking by category.

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Netgate Logo Netgate Docs. Previous Blocking Instant Message Applications.Don;t seem to have issues on other sites at all. When disable smart firewall it will load and work fine. Even after turn it back on it will work fine for about ten mins and then back to issue. I had exactly the same problem. Facebook partially loading and them stopping. I would turn off the Norton Internet Security firewall and it would load perfectly.

The version I was using was I just used LiveUpdate to update to version I will keep my eye on it to see if it is truly remedied. Thanks for reporting this issue in Norton Community Forums. I have sent you a private message requesting more details and logs for further investigation.

Please check it when you get a chance. If IPv6 is the issue, Will disabling IPv6 in the norton firewall general settings under uncommon protocols help and would it expose any risk? No, I wouldn't change the firewall settings. It seems Chrome no longer allows you to change IP standards support. So as a work-around, you might just use Firefox temporarily or try turning off IPv6 support in your network adapter settings.

Those of you who are using the Chrome browser. This MAY be a possible solution for you:. That should ensure you have the latest available extensions for your browser installed. I would then download and run the Sys Internals Suite from here. Run as administrator from there. You can view ALL the processes running at one glance. Look over your screen for any processes that seem to be non-legit and jot down their names. Also terminate those connections.

Then try connecting to the sites that are giving you issues and validate. Please have your Norton firewall enabled so it may see the Tcp-view process and allow it through. Fixing a website issue by disabling Norton's firewall raises a lot of red flags on my part.

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Hope this helps. Just bought Norton one month ago for the whole family and since 2 weeks I've got the same problem. Norton firewall blocks certain parts of facebook. I'm wondering if it is not some specific content on specific Facebook pages causing these problems.


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