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It only takes a minute to sign up. It says there is a Dummy Video Device, but I cannot see any devices when trying to use the dummy video.

The V4L2 output device only supported a limited number of pixel formats. Add the format filter to your command to give it a compatible pixel format:.

Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Asked 2 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed times. Press Ctrl-C to abort. Jamie Hutber. Jamie Hutber Jamie Hutber 2 2 gold badges 7 7 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. Thanks Llogan, I see you're helping on both quesitons. Thank you. I have updated with a screenshot. Does this answer your question? Active Oldest Votes. The number can change depending on the number of existing webcams.

If you already installed v4l2loopback run sudo modprobe v4l2loopback. Unknown V4L2 pixel format equivalent for yuvjp The V4L2 output device only supported a limited number of pixel formats. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.AV1 is actually enabled everywhere by default except bits Windows when building with MSVCso let's make the option --disable-av1 rather than --enable-av1.

Also, since AV1 is backed by both libaom and libdav1d, remove mentions to libaom. Either install nasm or add --disable-av1 to your configure options. Please check log for errors. Those builds don't have nasm in their docker image.

General approach to an external library integration

Bug was filed for that. Copy Summary. Closed Bug Opened 2 years ago Closed 1 year ago. Mark as Assigned. Project Flags:. Tracking Flags:. Tracking Status firefox67 fixed. Reset Assignee to default. QA Contact:. Reset QA Contact to default. Triage Owner:. Depends on:. Regressed by:. See Also:. QA Whiteboard:. Has Regression Range:. Has STR:.

Big Apple Video - High performance AV1 coding with dav1d and Eve

Bug Flags:. This bug is publicly visible. Bug - Disable ASM libdav1d for linux r? Bug - Turn --enable-av1 around.

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Jonathan Kingston [:jkt] not really reading NI, email if needed. TD-Linux obsolete — Details. Alex Chronopoulos [:achronop]. Nathan Froyd [:froydnj]. Jan Alexander Steffens [:heftig]. Dan Minor [:dminor]. Thomas Daede [:TD-Linux]. Karl Tomlinson back July 13 :karlt.FFmpeg is a great tool with many features available right out-of-the-box. On top of that it supports integration of many external libraries that provide even more features. One way or another many of us know FFmpeg.


However it was never trivial…. The compilation of FFmpeg is only a half of a story about using it on Android. The next thing we need to do is to…. Just to remind you, in previous articles I created an app that decodes video frames from a video file.

AV1 codec gets more popularity and even is supported by Android FFmpeg supports this codec through external libraries:. This list grows with time. First you need to prepare a static or a shared library and place it in a specific directory structure along with header files. The standard directory structure is usually made by a build system of a library for you and it looks like this:.

It is convenient to mix several libraries in the same directory structure. The way you trigger the compilation process heavily depends on a build system chosen by library developers. An important thing to consider here is the type of library you wish to build: static or shared. FFmpeg supports both, yet I used only static versions. Each library has a lot of flags that can be used to tune the result binary or to strip off parts that are not necessary for you.

Those files contain meta-info about a library such as its name, version, but more importantly compiler and linker flags that are necessary to properly set this library as a dependency shared libraries or to embed it static libraries. And FFmpeg building process does exactly this for most of its dependencies. The libmp3lame is such an example. And thus it has to be set as a dependency manually:.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I upload mp3s to a bucket by creating a "signed upload url" via Google's getSignedUrl call:.

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We then use Dropzone to upload it like this:. The problem I am facing is that once the file is uploaded, it tends to get corrupted. Now, it will still play, but strange things happen, for instance if I try to seek to 10 seconds in, it plays the file from the beginning and everything is shifted ahead by 10 seconds. I did a comparison between the source file, and the file after it is uploaded using ffmpeg. Here are the results:. Notice the "Header missing" and the duration warnings.

Gone is all the id3 info from the original. Ok, figured this out! However, the GCS signedUrl expects only the content of the file. What I did to fix this was to add a new option to the Dropzone instance I was using called gcsUpload. Learn more. Uploading an MP3 using DropZone. Asked 17 days ago. Active 17 days ago. Viewed 18 times. The truth could only be revealed if these records were played backwards. ThaDon ThaDon 6, 9 9 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 75 75 bronze badges.

I notice you ran ffmpeg against two different file names. Are you sure you were comparing the file that you had uploaded and then re-downloaded? Also, if you run md5sum or some other checksumming program over both files, do the checksums agree? I have a feeling the checksum will differ because something is happening to the file upon upload.

Active Oldest Votes. For instance, when I inspected the content of an uploaded MP3 file, I saw this: What I did to fix this was to add a new option to the Dropzone instance I was using called gcsUpload.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. The feature seems pointless without the ability to encode video with the new codec.

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At the moment a stock standard installation of Bionic Beaver For the sake of testing this assertion I have created a test AV1 file here:. Support for AV1 files in Bionic Beaver at this time August 5th was tested with this sample file in the following packages and versions:. Going to Firefox's about:config page and setting media. Firefox Installing an up-to-date version of mpv. Their installation page links to this PPA.

I don't really recommend this method since mpv currently has a bug that causes AV1 decoding to perform poorly. Encoding is a whole another matter and currently a PITA. As of yet there is no way to get everything you'd like; FFmpeg can be compiled with AV1 support by following their Ubuntu compilation guide but the features required for multi-threaded encoding namely -tile-columns and -tile-rowsand also -row-mt which is preferable are currently not supported.

Meaning that FFmpeg can only utilise one thread for AV1 encoding which makes things multiple times slower than normal.

This has already lead to a misunderstanding about how slow AV1 encoding actually is and I don't really recommend this method. Encoding by using the aomenc tool directly is the most realistic choice in terms of encoding speed, but you leave behind all the benefits of FFmpeg. Speed is also an issue: at the fastest speed setting and a k bitrate, 10 seconds of p 24 fps video takes 13 minutes to encode.

Unable to open V4L2 device '/dev/video0'

That's 0. The encoder's ability to utilise the CPU is also problem. This rises to 41 percent when using the second slowest setting. So the encoder definitely isn't ready for widespread usage.

If you still want to try it, you need to compile it from source. You can adapt the libaom secton of the FFmpeg compilation guide or if you decided to compile FFmpeg, use the already-compiled aomenc that should be hanging out in the FFmpeg build directory.

To start with you'd convert your source video to y4m with FFmpeg. To convert 10 seconds of a video:. I'd recommend waiting for FFmpeg to gain better support though.

That will make encoding a much more realistic prospect. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How to encode and playback video with the AV1 codec on Bionic Beaver Ask Question.Before you start posting please read the forum rules.

By posting to this forum you agree to abide by the rules. Unknown error occurred User Name Remember Me? Using Avisynth in FFmpeg? Unknown error occurred. I want to import avisynth in ffmpeg but it has error Code:. Does the script open in Virtualdub? Or any tool capable of opening avs scripts since you are using Linux? Try the ffmpeg build in staxrip, it's from Patman and supports avisynth and vapoursynth input. In staxrip there is an encoder dialog, at the bottom there is a dropdown menu where you can find a few useful command line features such as: Execute Command Line Show Command Line Copy Command Line Before using the features open a source file and if you can install Windows Terminal!

Another similar advanced GUI is Hybrid, GUIs can be useful for people that try to learn the console or look for builds, most dialogs in staxrip have a command line preview, the log file is very clean and list all command lines it executes.

Last edited by stax76; 27th May at Originally Posted by wthreex. Megui: Portable bit Not sure about ffmpeg how do i found the x64 or x86 things on ffmpeg? Starting with version 3. Last edited by manolito; 27th May at Originally Posted by manolito.

Last edited by StainlessS; 27th May at Originally Posted by StainlessS.


But would you not also need Path Add or whatever the command is EDIT: And where manual load loading plugins in script then also somehow need do it there as well. Last edited by StainlessS; 28th May at EDIT: What if you load some plugins from auto Plugins directory, and other plugins from other user directories, all gotta be in path? Damn, thats a bummer, guess I'll stick with v3. EDIT: Maybe a bit of improvisation is required. Originally Posted by stax If plugins are loaded manually with LoadPlugin then these folders don't need to be in path!

You are dead wrong on this. How can you make such a statement without having tested it? The Windows convention is like this: If you call a file in the currently active folder then it is not necessary to specify the absolute path. Just specifying the file name is all which is required in this case. If the active folder is elsewhere then the full absolute path is required to call a file.

If the folder where the requested file is stored is contained in the "Path" variable then it is never required to specify the full path to the file. The file name is all which is needed. The FFmpeg devs decided to break this convention a while ago. Even if the "LoadPlugin" call contains the full path of the plugin, the plugin will not load and you will get an error message unless the folder where the plugin is stored is part of the "Path" environment variable.Open a command prompt terminal and type in the following two commands:.

Due to many requests I have created a tutorial including videos which shows step-by-step how to use your GoPro camera as a media source in OBS […]. The Hero 8 and the Max are compatible with each other. Please send me an email to office tequnique. Also include the error message or a screenshot.

It looks like the packets are corrupted and then there are many drop-outs in OBS.


Is there any way to eliminate that please? Otherwise I am not able to use it for my stream as the quality is quite low. You can try to change the streaming options in the Camera Suite settings pane where also the frame rate, resolutions, etc. It is possible to stream to Facebook but you need a second adapter e. You can contact me at office tequnique. Is it the same using Camera Remote? Do I still need a second adapter with Camera Remote? What is network switching?

What if I only have my phones wifi available? Ok, so I have connected to LAN now. I am able to stream, however, do you have any idea on how to force the browser to use only lan, since the wifi is connected to the gropro wifi device? That way the stream wont be interrupted? Usually the address e. So when you enter a web address in the browser then the browser should open the web address and not access the camera.

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Great thanks! Have you connected the gopro with obs like this before? Do you have any recommendations? Com esse programa consigo conectar a Gopro hero 5 session?

The Hero 5 Session is compatible with the Camera Suite app and can be used for streaming. But please keep in mind that you need a LAN cable for the internet connection. Good morning! I then wanted to start a Facebook Live so I connected an Apple usb ethernet adapter to connect to the internet.

My OBS gopro preview froze, so I stopped the streaming server. When I restarted it, OBS did not the stream anymore, so I tried to go over the tutorial process again.


From then on, I could not make it work anymore. Now everytime I start ffmpeg, I get terminal errors, with different error messages and lengths of corrupt packets, but always ending with this message:. I also tried to adjust gopro stream settings in Camera Suite but that made the app crash. But everytime I try to replicate that little bit of progress, ffmpeg stops again.


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